The power of gaim

While I had gaim installed on my computer for quite sometime, I was not the really using it to the fullest… Was basically using it as a substitute for yahoo messenger.

Right now I am logged on to my yahoo, msn, aol as well as jabber accounts (It’s a different matter than on my aol and jabber I have just one friend each and on msn none :-D). In fact I am using two jabber accounts – one at (to communicate with the world at large) and one on the local jabber server. (For IIML people, this is exodus I am talking about.)

Yeah, since this internal messaging is referred to by the name of the most popular client (exodus), I somehow had not realized that I could use gaim. Probably at some point of time I had noticed it, but somehow did not pursue it. Finally yesterday, when Diwaker threatened not entertain any queries of mine unless I go for jabber, I was forced to create a jabber account 😀 And that’s when I visited the site and for the first time very consciously realized that exodus was nothing but a jabber client and what was running behind it was nothing but a jabber server!! So, now I am using it to log on to the internal server too (and yeah – it’s a very good thing to have an internal service like this. Only the problem of running a different client kept me away from using it!)

Well – gaim is indeed powerful. You could try downloading it at


2 thoughts on “The power of gaim

  1. KDE 😀

    Could not sustain on the love of linux for long in an MBA programme. Had to switch to windows… Running MS office on crossover was still to slow, would crash frequently and hundreds of add-ons required in excel would be a nightmare to install and run.

    Besides there were other Software!!

    Am a windows user now…


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