Cisco Routers!

Cisco Routers’ Flaw

I don’t know why but sometime such news items actually make me kind of ‘philosophical’ 😀 (No discussions intended on what is philosophy. I am using it the way common people used it in day-to-day language!)…

How fragile things can actually be. It is no surprise that if something happens to Cisco Routers, Internet will indeed be on its knees.

And so much in our lives revolve around Internet today. What would happen if things do go drastically wrong? Losing one post on my blog makes me furious and frustrated. Losing everything on Internet??!!

I guess I will be traumatized and then the remedy of the previous post might help 😀

2 thoughts on “Cisco Routers!

  1. Maybe those routers should fail completely once
    for either Cisco to actually solve the problem correctly without running to the courts every time, or for concerned people to reject once and for all the flawed architecture.
    (ya, but there must be no other fallout of this failure like info loss of information 🙂

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