Delicious at your Service

Whoops! At this rate I will be pretty good a hacker soon 😀 What happened all that love-hate relationship with anything even remotely related to programming??!!

Okay – so here is another piece of information. Previous post gives link to a hack to easily include “Categories” in your blog. This post points a ways to easily put your post’s link on

For details see – anildigital’s blog. And here is a slightly modified script because the default pop-up interface of is not good (it does not include the list of tags and hence you have to manually enter them!). With this modification the usual interface opens in a pop-up window.

Bookmark this on

You have to replace login in the above code with your id at and paste it in the post-footer of your blogger template.

Then, when you are seeing you blog, you can just click on the link that comes and post the entry on

Now, I have done it on my blog, but you do not see any extraneous link, do you?

Okay, so a little bit of hack from Conditional “new post” links. See “Making it Conditional” part and use the same tactic around this link. Then, it will be visible to you only when you are logged in with your blogger accout and not to other readers.

P.S. I did something foolish to have lost this post. Part of it was recovered thanks to “Recover post” feature of the blogger… Probably, it’s not yet time to ditch blogger really 🙂


5 thoughts on “Delicious at your Service

  1. Too much work! And I have to go and update that page manually everytime I post. I would be ready to give something for consistent look and feel, but not so much! 🙂

    And I have close to 400 entries in this blog already (382 to be exact!)

  2. You’re right, it’s a lot of work to set up. That’s why I did it with a new blog!

    Keeping it up to date is a simple matter of cutting and pasting into a text file one or two times a day. Adds about a minute to each posting.

    It works for now but I wouldn’t want to use it forever. I can’t see how Blogger can continue not to support categories for much longer.

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