In search of Gyan…

Okay, I had this wonderful realization yesterday evening – that I am wasting a lot of time on Internet without doing anything that adds to my knowledge… Ahem!! What a realization Jaya and so early in life??

Okay – point is not that simple. While I was at IITK, there were certain things I used the Intenet regularly for. These were mostly guided by what I was involved in at that particular point of time. So, when I was the coordinator of Astronomy Club, I will continuously dig the net for things related to Astronomy, which could be used on the newsgroup or for some other activities. When I was involved with business club (and even after I left it), I used to look for what can be called “Business related sites”).

Come IIML, and there is nothing I am doingin a focussed manner on Internet. And digging for Business related sites is no longer that attractive an activity. As if being bombarded with the jargons for the whole day in classes and otherwise is enough! Not to say that knowledge is enough, but do not feel like putting in Inernet time on another article on “Knowledge Management” or “Japanese Management” in any case…

Okay – to some extent I have been making progress in my Urdu vocabulary with Their Words, Their Voice, but that’s not enough! However this reminds me that if you have not checked out तुम आ गए हो ऐ शह-ए-ख़ूबाँ ख़ुशामदीद, do so. If only to acknowledge the effort that went on in finding out the meanings of the hordes of queer wrods there… Was quite a lesson in Urdu! Of course, there still is no guarantee that all the meanings are right. So, if some corrections are needed please point out.

Anyway, that was the digressions. I was talking of the change in Internet usage that I took over one year to realize. But once the realization had dawned upon me, I thought I must do something about it. So now, I have added slashdot and CNET blog to my blogroll.

Given that I am starved for any food for thought for quite sometime now, this might just help in maintaining some meaningful (? – okay, solely from my own perspective :-D) content on this blog too.

Meanwhile, another addition to my blogroll is that of Rare Hand Axe. Of course, he has a less scary name in real life and of course, since it is an addition to my blogroll, I know him. But before divulging his real name I need to ensure that he is not particular about remaining anonymous. So, for now you have to do with Rare Hand Axe. Check out if you are looking for some creative content!

Hope for something better next time…


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