Blogsome – a lot!!

Look at this –

Quick, quick – tell me if there is some catch here. Else I am feeling like ditching blogger this very moment… If only it hadn’t been the repository of my close to 400 posts 😦

7 thoughts on “Blogsome – a lot!!

  1. Hi Jaya ,

    Except the hindi script , i dont think there is something real different there for you to ditch all this work on blogger.Between , I have been occasionally hitting ur blog , and find it very nice , as its about a human , not just a management student.

    pgp 2
    IIM calcutta

  2. Hindi Script??!! That’s none of the concerns since blogger supports unicode very well!

    Only reason I would like to migrate is the lack of “categories” facility in blogger…

  3. Tags are fine, but I want an easy navigation to my site… Technorati does not allow tags for individual accounts… allows that, but there still is a problem of going to an external site to navigate the categories – so there is that “look and feel” compatibility problem…

  4. Well you can only do so much with a free blogging service. I see you’ve been experimenting a lot lately (what with blogsome, and some other hosting you mentioned sometime back in your blog). I’d say just wait till you are in a job or something, and then just buy hosting. Its pretty cheap these days (even in India) and I have a lot of friends in India who buy hosting. That way you can install your own copy of WordPress, and do whatever the hell you want with tags or categories and what not. The possibilities are endless.

    ps: I think I put it in another comment, but you need to update your blogroll — my blog has moved to 🙂

  5. Apologies for the delay 🙂 Blogroll is updated.

    And yeah – buying hosting space would be a wonderful thing to do, but if something can be done for free things, it will help lot many people 🙂

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