8 thoughts on “A nice song lyrics

  1. No – it’s not a problem of CC browser. It is appearing to be the same even in my browser. I have used the “image” feature of blogger for the first time and it does not seem to work that well.

    Anyway – it is the lyrics of the song “Zindagi ke safar mein” and can be found at ITRANS Song Book.

    And those “free blog counter” are ads by google adsense (http://www.google.com/adsense/), which I am trying out. But I can not talk more on it, since I might violate their program policy 🙂

  2. Ya, that’s what I was ‘laddering up’ to ask; how come the desire to commercially exploit your blog (one year of mgmt school, visible effect eh :-));
    and more importantly, hope you’ll share the earnings with all the loyal readers of your blog (when’s the treat?) who make this venture possible :-).

  3. He he – commercial intentions have little to do with B-School :))

    But as of now total earning in my account is a meager $0.48. They do not even ship a cheque until the earnings cross $100 mark…

    So, you can safely expect to be too well settled in life to care for a treat by the time I receive the cheque 😀

  4. Jaya Ji,

    Sometimes people think that he or she is the only one living in this world resulting the thinking or the way of thinking, which is partially or fully influenced or sometimes solely reflects his or her own thinking and nothing else.

    For those who live it bit and bit the life looks very big and for those who lives it just for the sake of fun and opportunity and keep busy herself and thinks that I don’t have to do any thing with this world. I am I and it is not influenced by any one else and if the people will start thinking like that then from the next generation they will surely devise something by which they can even born by himself (Swambhu).

    Although it is just a lyrics downloaded from some website but solely reflects the one person thinking. Who is just explaining the things she just feeling and accordingly explaining them. She explained so pessimistically, why? She even doesn’t know what is happening to the other side, it may be possible that the people on the other side have completely different feeling. He thinks about her (so much), know her from so many years, wanted to become a responsible person and still trying but never been able to tell her so clearly the things. This world is so rude and difficult that even if he will explain it to someone, others will laugh on him and it is also possible that each and every time he is struggling to prove himself and only after completing it successfully he will come to her.

    So I have only request to the writer to not to make a misconception about the other side. She should at least try to understand him that what is exactly in his mind. It is very Illogical to blame on this beautiful world without any reason, reasons exists if you try to understand them. Be open hearted and open minded to feel and understand it.

  5. I am afraid that your personal experience is giving it a meaning that was not intended at all. Such matters are better kept away from a public forum.


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