Just Like That…

एक समय संतुष्ट बहुत था 
पा मैं थोड़ी सी हाला।
भोला-सा था मेरा साक़ी
छोटा-सा मेरा प्याला।
छोटे से इस जग की मेरे
स्वर्ग बलाएँ लेता था,
विस्तृत जग में हाय खो गई
मेरी नन्हीं मधुशाला।

( Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Madhushala)

(Complete Madhushala in Devnagri is available on my “Writings Page“. Check out the section “Hindi Poems by Others”)

Literal Translation (To the extent I could do it)

There was a time when I was pretty satisfied with a small amount of wine. I had an innocent wine-maid and a small wine-glass. Heaven used to envy this small world of mine. Alas! My small tavern is lost is this vast world.


One thought on “Just Like That…

  1. Jaya ji,

    The poem part may require few punctuations and hyphens modified/added.

    I have tried out the figurative translation this way:

    There was a time when I was much gratified
    With consummation of my small wishes,
    My benevolent Giver,
    Cared for my little needs;

    This small world of mine
    Was the subject of envy for the heaven.

    Alas! Amidst the vastness of the World,
    My tiny world’s significance is lost!

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