Where is the dear, dear husband?

Lot is being discussed in the “Imrana Case” these days. And I really do not know what to talk about it… Which age are we living in?

And the most surprising part of the whole incident is that nowhere do I hear what the husband has to say? Or have I missed something? Has he no stakes in his marriage whatsoever, not involvement emotional or otherwise? Is it of no concern to him that his wife is forced to separate from him and … Goodness!

Where on earth is he? And what does he want? Or is he also just a puppet in the hands of the bunch of pathetic idiots (I felt like using worse words – but I have maintain the sanctity of my blog!) who have taken it upon themselves to decide the destiny of individuals?

Again, have I missed something?

One thought on “Where is the dear, dear husband?

  1. It’s been really long since I visited this URL and there are plenty of posts which I’ll probably read at some later point of time.
    But this heading attracted my attention 😉 and I went through the post.
    Yes, You have missed what the guy said about the whole thing – He simply does not have courage to stand by his wife and he has decided to stick with the decision of the religious authorities.
    But then, he seems to be a very ordinary man and not everyone can do what he should have done!
    Not that it justifies his behaviour but just the analysis of his behaviour.

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