Ah! So it was a 13th…

The wedding of a friend’s sister is there in Gorakhpur tonight. I had made this wonderful plan to leaving by a train which was to leave Lucknow at 2.50 pm and hence enabled me not to miss any classes today and reach Gorakhpur by 9pm (quite in time to enjoy the wedding). Further I could take a train back from there tomorrow at 5.20 and hence reach here in time so that I would have to miss only one class tomorrow…

But no! GOD does not want me to miss a class. The train got late by more than two hours (and this was when it was on right time as I left the campus – at least said so!). Now – there was no point in reaching so late. Would have looked too much like a VIP arrival, plus too much of physical harrassment without having time enough to enjoy things.

I had to come back from the station – and I can not describe how it feels. After a pathetic summer internship and a boring term starting immediately after that, it was the first time I had planned an escape and…

Okay, okay blame me for my naivette. Do I not know the situation of Indian Railways? Is it the first time it has happend with me. People do not even consider it a delay if a train is late by two hours! If I had to escape why not one more class? Why not leave the night before or take some morning train – just one more class… I do not know 😦 I was hoping that I could do it this way…

But then, how much of inefficiency in time planning does the poor timeliness of Indian Railways cause. I am reminded of several episodes at this point of time. Incidenct when I have boarded a train after the time when, by time-table, I should actually be reaching my destination!! All right there are things to be proud of. Apparently number of people traveling in Indian trains at any one point of time is greater than the population of Australia (Do not remember who told me this). And still – only improved reliability and so many things would be better in life!!

In too bad a mood to develop a post on it further…

4 thoughts on “Triskaidekaphobia

  1. I always have this complaint against the improper functioning of government or private services. Irregularities, inefficiency, corruptness have always been the hallmarks of Indians (most of them). Otherwise, India would have been beside Japan and Singapore(as small as Banglore) by now.

    In 1940’s after the Hiroshima-Nagasaki attacks, Japan was almost effaced. India could have made a great progress. But,because of our stamped hallmarks, we couldn’t even stand anywhere near Japan. And, they made a dynamic and synergetic progress in a matter of 10 yrs.

    Even the GNP(per capita $370) is of no comparision!! India always stands in the merit list for all wrong reasons. Population-2(998,056,000) HIV infected-4 (3,700,000),annual population growth rate- 1.8 !!

    HDI index ranking-(way behind!)132

    Truly, Mera Bharat Mahaan aur ukse log aur bhi mahaan!!

  2. Indu: It’s not easy to mobilise a big country such as India – when a large number of people do not even understand what is better for them. It’s a path dependency and breaking the path would take its time. In my opinion, things are improving in India at a good pace.

    You are far better off – you atleast “know” where we lag!

    Finally, Japanese had gone thru the experience – they knew what it takes to become a successful nation. It’s easier to solve the problems if you’ve learnt the rules of the game.

  3. sandeep: ok, I do agree that it’s quite difficult to control the way things go in India and that most Indians(illiterates) don’t understand the right(legal) way. But then how many literates are trying to be perfect citizens? The Japanese might have gone through so called ‘experience’. But, they have a better perspective when compared to Indians. They know that what they do in general will have a direct impact on the country’s progress. They work together for this purpose.

    The main problem with Indians is that they have taken democracy for granted to such an extent that they no longer fear law and even if they do, they find new ways to violate it and escape from the aftermath. And, in this process even the law-makers and defenders are helping them!

    Being a large country and having a large population doesn’t mean that everybody should be corrupted and inefficient. Today you are being corrupt. By seeing you, tomorrow someone else will be so and then other’s will follow. This will prolong everyday, every minute, every second without an end to it.

    In India, nobody want’s to work in unison and contribute to the country’s progress. All work for themselves selfishly. Everybody divides everything and everyone. Differences start from religions, classes, sects, states, regions, languages, rich, poor, males, females…. what not??? There is afault everywhere in the system.

    Mr sandeep, this is a good topic to debate on. But, is definitely a waste of time because I will say something and you will counteract. Then someone else will join the play. It’s unending.

    The mind-set of the people, literates and illiterates alike, has to undergo a change. You know what I mean and where the fault lies. But, nobody wants to accept it or consider it. Now, don’t tell me that you are a perfect citizen. Nobody is. The main concern here is that nobody want’s to be one or at least tries to be so.

    God save my country and it’s children!

    (i wrote an article- also one of the posts on my blog- on the system in India :

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