Club for Aimless

There was this nice, stylized statement I had read somewhere. I do not remember the words exactly, but what it talked about the youth and had something like – “In 40s they fought for freedom, in 50s against poverty…., in 70s for socialism…… in 90s they do not have anything to fight for!” (Of course, I read it in late 90s). And what is the situation in 21st century? I am afraid no better. Aimlessness is the biggest curse of our generation. And when I say this, I am serious. But then let me get a little lighter about it. — I am planning on starting a club for Aimless. After all there is no reason why clubs, associations must have a purpose, must have an aim. Anything common amongst people should be able to bring them together, even if it is aimlessness! I have a sincere belief that the membership of a club like this would soon become very high. Simple look around to see the number of people who openly express their aimlessness. That itself is encouraging. And add to it the fact that many people are aimless and do not accept it. May be they are aware and still do not want to accept it. Or may be they, themmselves, do not know that they have this unique asset of aimlessness with them. Once we generate a critical level of membership from those who are open about it, we could conduct workkshops, which will help people discover their aimlessness or help them overcome their inhibitions in accepting its existence! It will open the doors to a completely new world for them, where we celebrate aimlessness… In fact, almost the whole human population would constitute the potential pool of members. Could there be a better way of uniting human-race? Ah! More I think about it, more excited I become about the idea. Come on people, let’s not hesitate and join hands for this novel cause. — Any takers? 😀


5 thoughts on “Club for Aimless

  1. oh! this is where the idea of the aimless club comes from. I guess the aimless club would be different from the lonely club (pun intended). So, you can count me in…


  2. Hmmm… I do not think this generation have nothing to fight for…this generation is fighting for life and for survival; courtesy of world leaders.

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