If it’s my job, it’s boring


I had almost forgotten I used to think over topics like that. Was reminded of it today, when somebody, who stumbled on this blog, wrote me a mail mentioning that post.

Somehow, these days, I have stopped thinking about any issues seriously. I never feel like doing so.

Once it becomes your job, once you are amongst people who do things as job, something, some liveliness is drenched out of it. With anything meaningful, there will lot of crap generated, because something needs to be done, whether or not one is in a position to do it meaningfully. And then it is a lot of crap that things are compared with. The system would become such that you can not refuse to produce anything, because other will be ready to produce crap and “crap is better than nothing”. Of course, you can refuse, but then you have to decide that you do not have to survive in the system.

There are leeways, and yet it is not enough.

I have been disillusioned with the system! But at times, these days, I can no longer manage to ignore the people. Their meanness, their meaninglessness. I, often, resist from making such statements thinking that it is not my right to give pronouncements on the human-kind. But then, at times it’s irresistable.

This blog is also not producing anything meaningful these days… What is missing?


2 thoughts on “If it’s my job, it’s boring

  1. Yeah – I have seen this one 🙂

    What you have written is similar to what I am saying, but similar phenomenon extends to other aspects of life too.

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