Any Hacks?

Spent almost two hours on this today with no results whasoever…

Ok – what I was trying to achive was a complete list of titles of all the posts on a blog with the titles linking to the posts, of course. This is for the Ghazal Lyrics Blog, where I want myself and readers to be able to view the complete listing at one place.

Now this could be in the form of a post or say a drop-down list in the sidebar.

But closest the blogger hacks come to providing a list of posts are a list on each page of posts on the page. Meaning each archive page can also have a list of the posts on that page, so that you do not have to scroll all the way down to the end of the page to know what all posts are there. Alternatively each archive page can itself be maintained as a list of posts in that archive.

This would bring say monthly listing at one place. However this does not complete serve my purpose as I want a complete listing on one page.

Is there a hack possible?

7 thoughts on “Any Hacks?

  1. Jaya ji,

    The main purpose is to make available the lyrics for the ghazal lovers without much hassle to them.

    To reach the exact lyrics of required ghazal, from viewerโ€™s perspective:

    1) Search for the words of individual ghazal lyrics in a search engine .This way they may reach directly to the blog / ghazal .To note, like wrongly typed English search words , surfers are not suggested with spelling mistakes during search in Unicode Hindi ( Urdu ) – hence they may not reach the correct place.

    2) Search for the collection of particular lyricist or singer —-> Search for particular ghazal’s lyrics in a big list .

    Hope your effort continues and the list nears to half a thousand. I think, the archive (of archive) will be a bit difficult to find out the required lyrics unless thatโ€™s sorted one.

    Solutions presently I visualize are :

    1) Yes the hack is possible to make a list using php and xml feed of the archive month wise –> heading wise , which shall be updated automatically parallel with each post, And I don’t think Blogger gives such free services.

    2) Another idea requires some effort but can be a nice one. To store all the ghazals in a database(s) and use JSP for dynamic sorting, searching on user choice. Based on search the customized index pages can appear. This can be done on the free java servers available.

    3) Easiest way is:
    a. You may prepare a alphabetically sorted list (index) of heading / popular line from each ghazal separately, singer wise ( more people shall prefer this way) , periodically ( say at the end of the month) .

    b. To make index as first post on the blog forever (Google lands on first page mostly), you may choose a maximum possible date ( of course wrong one) , e.g. 04 july 2006 in the edit window of Blogger. This way shall take granted the post as most recent one and it shall appear as the first post on the blog always. This index post can be updated periodically without updating the date (unless the date expires).

    4. Last way is keep typing job continue and wait to see storage / indexing of the ghazals using RSS / XML feed , the project may be a group work for the benefit of ghazal fans world over forever.

  2. My God! Thanks a lot for listing all these things, but I was looking for some hack in blogger template!

    php/xml/database are all fine ideas, problem is I am struggling to keep some simple html pages of mine alive on net, who will give me all these facilities? And I am not ready to spend on it yet.

    Manual listing is of course possible, but that’s what I wanted to avoid, when I asked for the hack.

  3. I have become greedier ๐Ÿ˜€

    There I have to set the number of posts displayed on the main page to a number higher than the number of posts I have to keep the complete listing.

    Now I want to keep the first page as such, but in addition have the complete listing too :p And keeping all the posts as such on the main page is not a good idea.

    Of course, if nothing can be done there, I will resort to that.

    In fact, there is one hack I could think of. Have an yearly archive and then maintain archive as a list.

    Or change the dates to belong to one archive period only and maintain that one page. Time can be changed to reflect alphabetical order….

    What do you say? ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Nothing is impossible. It’s just the matter of how badly you want it :P.

    I am still not clear what exactly you want. So is it something like, a listing at the top, followed by the contents of the main page? Or do you want the listing in the sidebar? or may be some of the latest posts can be displayed after that a complete listing? How is it going to
    be? ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hmm… Let’s see

    What FOTC does is put the links of the posts with titles on the main page, instead of giving the whole page itself. To ensure that the complete listing comes on the main page, I have set the number of posts to be displayed to a number larger than the number of posts.

    Now, what I want at conceptual level is that there should be a complete listing of all the posts somewhere (this part is flexible), but the main page should contain the latest posts.

    Now, the order of preference for this complete listing’s location is as follows:

    1. One separate page, whose links I can give on the main page.
    2. In the sidebar.
    3. On the top or bottom of a page.

    In addition if the listing could be sorted based on title (:p – I know, I know greed knows no bounds), nothing like it.

    And well – I do want it very badly…

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