Their Words, Their Voice

Okay, another ambitious project at

Any contributions, of course in Unicode, are welcome.

Any more information that can be put up is equally welcome.

And wishes that it continues are more welcome.


4 thoughts on “Their Words, Their Voice

  1. जयाजी,
    ख्य़ाल तो काफी जाऩदार मालुम होता है । मगर गज़लनामा चिट्ठा ( ब्लाग ) का नाम वगैरह अंग्रेजी में, यह बात कुछ हज़म नहीं हुई ।

    बगैर युनीकोड हिन्दी फोंट का दर्द तो पता होगा ही, सो चाहने से जरूरतमंदों के लिए यह कङी वहाँ डालना वाजिब जान पङता है ।

  2. > I have Window 98

    Because Windows 98 is not Unicode enabled. You need to have at least Windows 2000. IF there are any work-arounds in windwos 98, I am not aware of them.

    >with Internet Explorer 5.0.

    Ah! And not is Internet Explorer 5.0 I guess (not sure)/

    So you need at least Windows 2000 with IE 6.0 .

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