Partially Up

Updated (June 20, 2005)

Now, everything should be up and working. In case you are unable to access something, please do report.

My web-site is partially up at

In Writings Section, right now only the links to My Hindi Poems would work > More is ready, but the interface has gone down. So, I have no option but to wait. I know more interesting portions are what are not available, but can’t help 😦

Atgig appears to be a new provider. Don’t know how long will they stay, but it would be great if they could stay for at least one more year. Once in a job I will buy webspace and domain name, I guess. Right now, their interface seems to have quite a few bugs. While they claim php works, it does not. Sometimes it does not create folders at all. And goes down often. But once the basic stuff is up and the website does not go down, it should be tolerable.

Please report any other broken links etc.


3 thoughts on “Partially Up

  1. I know 🙂

    But with the way my site has been moving, with some thing here and some there at various points of time, at times absolute links have been a necessity!

    Whereever possible, I have gone for relative links.

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