Under Attack

Blogs were under attack in today’s meeting with PGP chairman and Dean, Academic Affairs, particularly by the later and I am scared to hell (All right! I am not. And not that there were any threats :-D. But concerns about what people write in their blogs about IIML was certainly there).

Oh! And I might be one of the culprits, though I sincerely believe that if more people started cribbing about the things I crib about most of the times, things would change for better – but anyway… Let me not be so self-centered in my views (for a change).

Further concern about what messages are passed to the juniors is most certainly a valid concern and I whole-heartedly agree with that.

So, let me do my bit to repair any harm this blog might have done. (Of course there is a possibility that my blog is far from being what was being referred to there, but you never know. Let me not take a chance!)

Juniors! If you are reading this blog, and have got any negative messages from my cribbings, just take one postitive message from my behaviour (sorry for this apparent “apne munh miyan mitthu” behaviour!). Attend and listen in all the classes and the most important concern, that has given rise all the peripheral ones would be addressed.

There were things said, which, I do not favour as a matter of principle. But about that later… or may be never. Somehow, do not see a point in discussing. And principles are often a matter of belief, because there are times when experience would not favour them. It is just one of those times.

And I can’t help feeling nostalgic. At IITK, we fought these times, when principles did not receive favour from the experience, or at least so thought the administrators! Why do I just sit back here? Probably there are other things that would need to be fought out before that and I am unable to get myself to fight those!

And hey, let this not be classified as a cribbing, but I can’t help it. I got a company in the cab from Lucknow airport to the campus, while coming back after internship. My companion said something like – you do start missing the place in two months… What immediately came to my mind was – “Yes, it used to happen at IITK”, something I didn’t say then… But it’s true. One year into this place, and I write little about the nostalgic feelings regarding IITK now, but somewhere, it is as strong as it a year back… Lots have changed in life, but not this…

Okay, I am getting sentimental. And my boss has sincerely advised me against it (okay, this is too much of a stretch of what he said, but I take the liberty!:-D). But what do I do? I still end up calling remedial classes as preparatory classes, hostels as halls and several such things 😦


2 thoughts on “Under Attack

  1. IITK, fortunately or unfortunately, for me, was about building in ideals into reality from the very beginning. I am still struggling to find out if there is a way things can be changed mid-way. Somehow, I tend to feel that it is not possible. Even if I do not take such pessimistic a view, it is an extremely difficult exercise and needs commitment and time. 20 months, that too as a student, are just not sufficient to do anything like that. First and foremost requirement for anything like this is a sense of belongingness and I have been unable to develop that itself till now!
    Following things are not easy either!

    Kind of lost.

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