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All right – so got book-tagged by Abinandanan quite sometime back. Have been strictly against forwarding chain-mails, but then this is about my blog and not somebody else’s Inbox. So, I think I can go ahead with the concept, whatever purpose does it serve…

Total number of books I own: Over 130

Last book I bought: The Razor’s Edge by W. Somerset Maugham.

Last book I read: (Currently reading) Women Writing in India, Edited by Tharu & Lalita (Published by Oxford India Paperbacks) and Tibbat mein Bauddha Dharma, by Rahul Sankrityayan.

Books that mean a lot to me: I can list several books, in which I liked something or the other very much. But most of the time it was because it was a good articulation of something that was consciously or sub-consciously going on in my mind. I like books and am fond of my collection (if there is a fire and there is one thing I can save, I will save the collection of books and CDs). But there are none, which really mean a lot to me. At least I can not recall right now. Have I ever mentioned one to anybody? Remind me please 🙂

I Book Tag: Abhaya, Apurva, Ayan, Diwaker, Nakul (Isn’t that enough? And again I do not mind doing it since it does not spam anything of theirs. Since there are ample evidences that all of them read me, I am not using any other means to inform them :-).) 

One thought on “Book Tag

  1. Thanks a lot, Jaya! I wish you all the best in your second year.

    Just this morning, I saw this post by Annie, with Sudhish Pachauri’s views on “what is wrong with the modern (Hindi) literary climate in this country”. Just thought I should pass it along…

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