So, finally its over… With my boss signing the certificate less than 12 hours before my scehduled departure from Ahmedabad!! (My departure was at 8 in the morning!)

Though I do not know how enthusiastic I should feel about going back to whatever I am going back to… It’s once again good old avoidance-avoidance conflict. However, the state of mind I have spent last two months in makes me welcome the campus life for now.

Now, another year. Another year of student life, of studies (?), of learning (??) and most importantly of deciding (???). Ah! The song I am listening to right now is

“Hazaaron Khwahishen aisee ki har khwahish pe dum nikle,
Bahut nikle mere armaan, lekin kam nikle”


There are just too many thing I want to do it seems!

Now, that I am sitting in the sify cafe at Delhi airport waiting for my connecting flight to Lucknow, I realize that I should have written down my experiences of internship then itself, somewhere because after it has got over, there is no way I am able to reproduce those feelings in myself that I experienced from time to time – of bitterness, of wonder, of disgust, of amusement, of frustration, of excitement…

The very fact that the feelings I am talking about include both positive and negative ones here show that what I will write today would be little different from what I felt there. What I will write is likely to appear almost a 50-50 balance between positive and negative feelings. What I had there were much more loaded on the negative side. Yeah, yeah I know the preachings I will get as I narrate those – ‘That’s how it is”. Learn to deal with them, else you will prove yourself to be naive…

And yeah – my boss kept asking me what my learning were from the project. He was never satisfied with what I said. I do not blame him. Probably I could not hide the fact that I am not being honest. But I would have to be a student of English Literature and not an MBA student to be honest about my learning. You might be disappointed at what I say since, even though profound, it is not new. Now, that I have created more curiosity around it than it deserved let me say what it was – “The world is a stage and we are all actors” (Did I make some mistake in reproducing it verbatim?)

Yep! Its not diplomacy, its not being tactful, its not about dealing with people. Its plain and simple acting – all through. From the beginning to the end. If I became the HR manager, I would rather go to bollywood than Business Schools for recruitment. (Coming generations of MBAs do not need to worry – I am not specializing in HR :-D)

Yeah – summer internship is indeed a good idea. It does give you a feel of “Real Life”. Though in my case, at least some people would agree that it was an extreme situation…

Rest in the coming posts.


5 thoughts on “Ah!

  1. Hey..
    I am planning to make a small doc on indo-pak…but VISA is a problem..( any idea ..how to get it?…and wat can be the best channel to get it?



  2. Yeah – as I mentioned elsewhere, my homepage has disappeared, thanks to the angeltowns guys taking off their free service without any notice whatsoever 😦

    The stuff is all there on my computer, but I need some time before I can get the things up, including the poems. Please be a bit patient.

    And thanks of a lot for being a regular visitor of the site!!

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