I have disappeared. Unable to find enough time and energy to do the most relaxing thing I can do – that is write/blog – for the heck of it. Probably not so much a matter of time as it is that of environment!! Somehow in these stuffy cubicles of cyber-cafes the independence of attitude, which drives my writings (whatever they mean to others, I do not know), feels suffocated. But proabably even that is a rather superficial thing. What is really suppressing me is the suffocation inside (I had started to write ‘turmoil inside’, but then realized it isn’s a turmoil really. It is plain and simple suffocation!)

No, no do not worry. Pepsi is still taking pretty good care of mine. Paying me all my dues, giving me food and comfortable lodging and all else.

But seems the glimpses of ‘real life’ (yeah old readers would know that before coming here I was wondering about what this ‘real life’ is!) are not having quite positive effects on me. Someday it will add to another one of the real life stories I write. Not today though.

But you know what. Whatever becomes of this project of mine – there is one thing I can deliver very well. An “Organiztion Behaviour” case study! Are the Harvard fellows listening? Oh no, no. I forgot. IIML has a case-study series too 🙂 Let the charity begin at home then.

And too many things seem to be going bad. As has been pointed out in a comment to the last post, my homepage has disappeared. Angelstown guys removed all free accounts without any notice whatsoever 😦 All the files are there on my computer in the campus. So, it will come up only in the next month, when I get back. Meanwhile, can someone suggest a free+ad-free webhosting service? Or is it that no more of them remain around.


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