Something about the lifts in Gujarat

I do not know why, but automatic lifts appear to be a rare sight in Gujarat. Most posh of the apartments and even hotels have this “something-in-between-hand-pulled-and-automatic” lifts. If somebody gets down at some floor and forgets to shut the outer door – you can keep crying for the lift at other floors, it won’t buzz. In some of the apartments it makes that shrieking sound, so that the person will know that he/she has not shut the door and must do so for the benefit of his own and others’ ears. But not so in our appartment. The person will peacefully go and sleep off with the lift stuck on the 7th floor, while people who have to go on 10th floor are getting desperate at the ground floor. Yeah thanks God! The guest house is on the fourth floor only and my physical health is still sound enough (despite all this standing outside supermarkets business!) to take me through stairs to the fourth floor.

Poor 10th floor dwellers!!

I have not been able to write frequently because my net access is erratic on the account of all the travelling (unplanned ones!) to the nearby cities I am doing.

“Women in Love” (Lawrence) is turning out to be another novel whose purpose of writing is beyond me. Have started reading “Baaeesween Sadi” (22nd century) by Rahul sankrityayan. As always, his novels do not let you get up easily – even to access net 🙂


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