Fighting what I think is wrong is in my spirit. When I fight against someone else, people admire me. When it turns against themselves, people hate me!

How can I afford to care about people?

6 thoughts on “Love-Hate

  1. Well you’re the one who has to care most about people…if you’re honest, you’re fighting the issues….(and borrowing a clichéd phrase) sometimes wrongs in people, but never the people per se.

    Mature people will understand that and there will not be that swing that you describe in their attitude towards you. For the others, your actions, in the long run, should do the convincing.

    But this honest de-linking of actions from the people cannot happen unless one genuinely cares for the issue as well as the people.

  2. Everybody admires AK-47, but not when it is pointed on them.
    Its not hate, but a defence mechanism to get rid of the situation.

  3. Oneself is always going to care about another. From a family member to a friend, maybe perhaps a person you met a week ago. Being the messenger is never an easy task. But good can come from it once the storm has past. The person who is getting this so called “AK-47” pointed upon them will refuse the attention. Why is this? Doesn’t everyone like being the center of attention? Yes but only when it’s not based on their flaws. But it can also be not only refusing the attention but feeling that there is no need in it. If this individual doesn’t want help or is in denial. Its basically hitting a brick wall with you fist. There is no shame in trying.But there is always the risk in hurting yourself. But only you can determine how much pain, agony, and weight you can take before you get weak and break. So charing is going to bring you trials and tribulations but it can also ease your pain. It’s just yourself that has to decide if you can take the bad with the good.

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