Bits and Pieces

This post is more to check the “Recover Post” feature of blogger than anything else. In case you are wondering what have I been up to recently. Well for the first time in my life talked to 95 (actually more once you take into account those who refused to ‘spare 5 minutes of their time’) strangers in two days! Yep – consumer survey for my project. Now, am waiting for my boss to ‘spare his laptop’ so that I could analyze the data. And also waiting for someone in the Pantaloon HO to ‘spare some data’ for Big Bazaar stores at Ahmedabad. And further waiting for the marketing person at another chain of supermarkets in Ahmedabad to ‘spare rest of his leaves’ by coming back to work and giving me the data for those stores.

Amidst all this waiting, finished Rangabhoomi by Premchand, Lucknow Kee Paanch Raatein by Sardaar Zafri and have started on I dare – Kiran Bedi’s biography (yeah – probably little late to pick up a book like this. Should have read it long ago. But somehow). Good thing is that my boss is too busy a person to even accidentally stumble on this blog – so I can write freely about all I am doing. (Not that I am evading work, but bosses are ever suspicious creatures, you know :-D) Yeah, I even managed another round to Gandhi Ashram.

P.S. Well, “recover post” seems to work 🙂

3 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces

  1. Well, aren’t you the best person to answer the questions in your previous post…from both sides of the fence (viewer and protagonist)…

    Why read what happens in the daily life of that girl in ‘Baghdad Burning’ (she’s disabled comments, so it’s even closer to reality TV)?

    Why post daily happenings in your life on the blog for the consumption of the wide con’net’ted world?

    Most personal blogs, over time, have evolved into close cousins of Reality shows (or the other way round probably) and any writer/peruser of such blogs intuitively knows best the answer to those questions.

  2. Nah! Unfortunately I don’t know the reason why people should read my blog – particularly such posts. Why I write them has a totally different reason. To put it best, I would quote what Abhaya wrote somewhere – ” I have always felt that heavy blogging implies that u are not getting to talk enough in real life.” So, just to get it out of the system. These are the things that you would normally talk to people around you and then forget. When that does not happen, even if people stop reading them, they will keep coming out once in a while! Well, sometimes, even if you get to talk to people around you, you still feel inclined to put it on the blog simply because people read it!! Now, why on earth should they read is what amazes me!

    Why should people read about my hutch connection problems – I really do not know. I do not usually read such posts on other people’s blogs, unless the person is close enough a friend so that the information on the blog sort of substitutes the information that would have been sent through the mails…

    What happens in the life of that Iraqi girl is different from what is happening in my life or yours. Of course at some level of analysis this ‘difference’ can certainly be shown to not really exist, but that’s not how I view it. Her life is a representative of the outcome of very specific kind of human deeds, which I would like to get hold of. It’s not so much about an individual, it is representing an aspect of a whole society, a set of people. As the first post in the blog says – “A little bit about myself: I’m female, Iraqi and 24. I survived the war. That’s all you need to know. It’s all that matters these days anyway.” Even if it’s just 24 years old Iraqi females – it’s a lot more than an individual. If today everything settled down well in Iraq, shall I still continue reading her blog. May be I will, till it still gives me an insight into a country, a society and their ways, till it tells me something more than her family troubles!

    Now someone may say that ‘family troubles’ are fairly ubiquitous, so why not those. Well, lines may start getting blurred. But I hope I have conveyed what I mean. Why should it matter to be is somebody had a breakup with his/her girl/boyfriend or of somebody is getting married?

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