My life, Your life, Whose life?

Furthermore, I don’t understand the worlds fascination with reality shows. Survivor, The Bachelor, Murder in Small Town X, Faking It, The Contender… it’s endless. Is life so boring that people need to watch the conjured up lives of others?

(Baghdad Burning)

It’s been said in a particular context, which is much graver than anything I will say here, but in general, even I have been wondering about people’s curiosity for others’ life for quite sometime. Did you say this is the quality only of the group of good-for-nothing-women who have nothing else to entertain themselves with? Sorry! You are dead wrong here. Take a sample across the ages, genders, social class or economic status and this curiosity is ubiquitous. Someone might feel prompted to explain it through some biological instinct of humans – I would not be surprised.

What drives this curiosity for others’ lives? Even when that other person’s life in no way affects the curious person’s life?

Why after all?


5 thoughts on “My life, Your life, Whose life?

  1. Great observation indeed! It got me in some real thought and this is what I came up with.
    ‘Curiosity for people’s lives’ is an artifact of the mind; an activity of the mind aimed at the amusement and entertainment of the mind itself. A normal person’s mind has so much entertainment to extract out of this activity, really! It can form opinions and biases, classify people in already established stereotypes or form new ones, get impressed or dismiss some life as uneventful, develop likes/dislikes or strengthen them, form role models (positive and negative)……so on and so forth. All the above are activities that we sub-consciously like so much. (That we would not admit being the subjects of such an amusement in a social party, being one of the sophisticated genre, is another thing). Furthermore, based on all those opinions, biases etc… the mind can play another very entertaining game – When the person is free, the mind can use those earlier formed impressions of people’s lives to concoct stories, imageries, fantasies and and even enjoy vicarious delights! (that this habit gets out of control and invades us when we are not ‘free’ is again another thing) Wow!!
    The mind is a person’s biggest (may I further say the ‘only’?) avenue of entertainment and is there a better feast for it than real people’s lives? A life (read a ‘drama’ …. thats what it ends up being in most of the cases)is what all a usual person has got for himself. But invariably, one’s own drama is not interesting enough for one (the mind, of course, demands variety!) and so other’s drama is another eligible source of entertainment.
    And what if the other’s drama does not influence mine, it still remains a drama. Right?
    Is this explanation biological? I don’t know. Everybody has a mind, does that fact make it biological? Or wait…..Are there (or have there been) any people with no mind? (It may not seem but I am really, really serious when I ask that question)

  2. It’s a bit late – but I cudn’t help noting….90% of the content in 80% of blogs is about the author’s life….so in essence, a blog reader is curious about someone else’s life – ‘What drives this curiosity for others’ lives? Even when that other person’s life in no way affects the curious person’s life?’ –> u cud ask this to all ur readers rite? hahahahahaha 🙂

  3. You are a bit late not just in commenting on this post, but also in reaching this blog 🙂 I have made attempts at asking the readers of my blog, but nothing came out of it!

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