Heights of Localization

The localization efforts of McDonalds is a much talked about subject in Business Schools for sure. Who does not talk about the vegetarian dishes and more than that aaloo tikki offerings by McDonalds?

I had never visited a McD outlet till I found that one was situated so close to my guest house here. I entered it and whoa! That’s the heights of localiation. Menu is printed in Gujarati. All those schemes and combos displayed in Gujarati!! There were sprinkles of English here and there. But for most part, it was difficult to distinctly locate things in English.

And who was the victim. Of course me. After a tiring schedule of visits to various stores, I entered and ordered for a McVeggie and Cold Coffee. This person pointed to an offer (printed in Gujarati and lying at the counter) and explained something, which I could not hear clearly. I only heard the last line which said that I also get a CD free. I was so tired that I did not ask him to explain it again and said yes to the combo. When he asked for 79 bucks, whereas Burger and cold coffee together would cost on 65, I assumed that the combo had something else to eat too, which was not unwelcome as I was sufficiently hungry.
And guess what did I get in that combo? McVeggie Burger, Cold Coffee, a sticker of sehwag (a 3-D one, in which you can see him lifting his bat as he hits the ball!), a ball signed by Sehwag and a mini-CD (which can not be played on computer and I am still far from buying a CD player for myself) 😦

Any fans of Sehwag with their birthdays coming up around? πŸ˜€

Moral of the story – Be careful of these combos and get them translated when you do not know the language in which they have been written 😦

Hopefully this would be the last post in the ‘ranting series’ (but who knows?)

6 thoughts on “Heights of Localization

  1. young lady,
    this is the land of gandhi.
    no-where but in gujaarat you
    will find pizaa hut serving a jain pizza(wihtout onion and garlic).

    you will also find top of line joints serving dosa without poatatoes.
    (they fill it up with banana instead).
    hope u get more of such

  2. πŸ™‚
    savings is ok
    but i wish it cud appease

    my comment was not to wish u
    more sehwag signed balls
    it was lightheartedly written
    to accquaint you with the great
    gujrati neo-tradition of
    producing gatronomic disasters

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