Lack of focus

I was discussing this with Apurva yesterday. Blogging give a tool to produce crap. I had discussed about the lack of quality writing in blogs in an earlier post. And its not just a complain from others. As I look at my own blog, I can see how much of crap is there (including this one?). Writing is not planned and focussed.

Somebody will say it’s ‘unleashing the creativity’. Well, yes – in some cases. But creativity, like common-sense, is so uncommon you see.

Can somebody tell me how to make people buy more Pepsi from super/hyper markets?


7 thoughts on “Lack of focus

  1. yeah blogging to some extent is just crap. but there are instances when people have really unleashed their creativity too. Infact many posts on your blog too are marvellous…

    But many guys, especially like me write crap most of the if u find time read crap:

  2. Jayaji,
    Good internship!Marketing strategy badhiya hai! Buying the cheapest thing “the suggestions” and selling “the carbonated sweetened water“.
    Anyway think of to compete Coca-Cola bottles kept near the Pepsi bottles everywhere first. Second in summer the overall sales will automatically invcrease.

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