First preach, then (also not) practice

Train journeys are certainly the place to findsome of the most interesting and/or weird people. This time, while traveling to home, there was this woman sitting in the compartment next to mine, traveling with her son. And my God! How do people manage to chatter at that rate? Wondering if her jaws didn’t ache. I heard her story of why she was visiting her brothers without her husband accompanying her at least 7 times (I do not have patience to reproduce it!!). And I was only overhearing, that too unintentionally. I pity those to whom she was actually talking.

But what really appalled me was something she did towards the end of the day. There was a 7-8 years old girl traveling in the same compartment as hers. First this woman tried vehemently to prove to this girl that her little brother (1.5-2 years old) was more intelligent than she was. And then she proceeded to explain the reason too, “Bahut bolti ho. Saari padhai-likhai is wazah se dimag se nikal jati hai.” And no, it was not done in the usual way of teasing kids! Poor girl. She was hardly talking more than what a normal child (not overly shy or overly talkative) would do. Don’t know whether it was out of courtesy or what that her parents didn’t say anything to that woman! I was amused as well as furious!


3 thoughts on “First preach, then (also not) practice

  1. But aren’t most individuals guilty of this without realising it?

    Isn’t it most crucial to figure out whether there is this realisation;
    if there is not, isn’t such an individual more deserving of counsel – to aid in that realisation – rather than of scorn (or the ignominy of being a source of secret amusement, again without realising it)?

    And even given allowances for extraordinary powers, can one really make out the presence of this realisation through overhearing conversations ;-)?

  2. I can see what Ayan means to say. The woman is doing something that will leave a negative impression in the growth of the child. But she is not really ‘aware’ of it. If she were really aware (read ‘realized’) of what great harm she was doing to that helpless girl, would she do it? It would be harsh to hold the woman as a culprit. Who knows, the woman might have received a similar treatment (as she meted out to the girl) in her childhood; or even who knows, that girl may grow up to become this seemigly callous woman. Every child is innocent to start with but does he/she have any control over what type of conditionings he/she will be subjected to. These conditinings invariably are the source of most people’s (callous or otherwise) behaviour.
    This is a seemingly vicious cycle, then, which feeds upon itself! Whats the solution? The onus lies on the people who have the ‘realization’ to do something to break this vicious cycle since only they ‘can’! They have to come out of their petty worries and self-imposed limitations and ‘realize’ their responsibility. The effort really has to be on a mass scale.

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