Bada hi tej Channel hai ye

I absolutely hate Aaj Tak for what they have done with placements of B-Schools and IIMs particularly. Yeah, even those, who would not know what does the acronym IIM stand for, know now what the highest salaries in different categories for all the B-schools are. Thanks to some special programme by Aaj Tak on the same. The result? Back home I was being dragged into the analysis of statistics, I never bothered to collect!! Yeah – the whole of India knows by now that ‘best International Salary’ goes to IIMA, while IIML is credited with ‘highest doemstic salary’.

And since I have communicated my decision of not going to abroad time and again, you know what one would accept. It was, as if even next year the ‘highest domestic salary’ will go to IIML and of all people it will be me who will get it.

Sorry Sirs and Madams! I am not even majoring in finance and hence am, thankfully, out of this race. I hate Aaj Tak anyway ๐Ÿ™‚


12 thoughts on “Bada hi tej Channel hai ye

  1. My project partner from IIM-C tells me that some of the highest domestic salaries there, atleast a couple of years back, was in Marketing (mkting at i-banks)…and that trend is returning (this year too there were such offers and they expect more next year).

    So apparently, the race won’t leave you, try as hard as you may to opt out of it.

  2. Ayan: I will keep myself out of it. Not interested in doing a marketing job at i-bank. I would like to sell something that I understand – not otherwise ๐Ÿ˜€

    Ashish: There is no PGDSM at IIML. I am specializing is Marketing and Strategy.

  3. Nothing wrong with the highest salary. Everything wrong with the kind of hype that is created around it. I find it wrong and it is only my views that I express here. Others are free to find nothing wrong in that either…

  4. My second project partner from
    IIM-A (and he’s in their PCOM) says that tech companies like Microsoft gave indecently high offers for their marketing jobs this year…and the bids next year will only increase…HLL too plans to increse its package to make itself more in-sync…so who knows what’ll happen at L next year?

    …let’s wait and see who has the last laugh… ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. …and McKinsey which made the highest domestic offer at IIM-L (Mukund and Pankaj) offered identical packages across all IIMs…
    so that original story requires a lot of salt and pepper to digest.

  6. Arre Ayan, why are you after this things yaar :)) Thankfully I have clarified earlier that there is nothing wrong with highest salary and money does not bite me as such. But yeah – I will still be out of race! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s the measurememnt of worth of life with that race that troubles me…

  7. ahh Jaya Iโ€™m not doubting your intention or questioning the reasoning behind it … but itโ€™s just that if you read all the
    IIM-L blogs or talked to the crowd extensively…the only way to satisfy the seemingly justified individual aspirations of every individual is the system as it stands…and every individual in trying to confirm to his/her beliefs is wittingly or unwittingly creating the system which, collectively as a system, most individuals want to disown…
    thatโ€™s confusing, frustrating and appalling…
    donโ€™t know if I am making sense but the previous comments were just an attempt, convoluted (yet practically possible) though, of trying to prove that.

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