As bad as it can get!

The air-fare and 2AC fare Pepsi was willing to pay notwithstanding, had a bad journey to Ahmedabad. First the AC ticket from Katihar to Patna had to be cancelled at the last moment, because my dad, who was to accompany me till Patna had to change his plans and so my cousin brother had to come with me. He could not have disguised as a 52 years old man! Then we did not get another ticket in AC and had to come in sleeper. That too, initially was in RAC, which fortunately got confirmed. Reached the airport only to realize that tha 9.10 flight to Delhi that I was supposed to catch no longer exists in the schedule. There was no one to explain what was to be done to those passengers who were issued a confirmed tickets in that flight. Literally not a single soul on the Patna Airport except the security guards. After waiting for around 3 hours, finally the airport manager came and said that I have been confirmed a seat in the 2.50 flight to Delhi. Now, this flight would go via Ranchi and hence would reach Delhi only at 5.55 pm. My connecting flight to Ahmedabad was at 6.30 pm. That was too close for comfort. But I hoped they will take care of it. My cousin brother’s friend who works in Delhi Airport was appraised of the situation and he assured to take care of it. The flight reached Delhi only by 6.40, but the connecting flight was waiting for three passengers from this flight fortunately. We were transferred through a vehicle on the air-strip itself (Ever caught a bus at the last moment? It was literally the same feeling)! Reached Ahmedabad only to realize that we have reached, but not our luggage!! (Yeah, yeah I HAD done a through check-in at Patna). Had to manage the night in the same clothes in which I was travelling. Could not even take a bath. But fortunately in the guest house, rest of the things were not much of a trouble. Got my luggage only next morning and was late for the office on the first day itself 😦


2 thoughts on “As bad as it can get!

  1. ‘eh’ rotten luck 😦
    neways, all’s well that ends well. Though you could had tried flying via Calcutta.


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