Just Like That

मदिरालय में कब से बैठा,
पी न सका अबतक हाला,
यत्न सहित भरता हूँ, कोई
किंतु पलट देता प्याला;
        मानव-बल के आगे निर्बल
        भाग्य सुना विद्यालय में;
‘भाग्य प्रबल, मानव निर्बल’ का
पाठ पढ़ाती मधुशाला ।

जला हृदय की भट्ठी खींची
मैंने आँसू की हाला;
छलछल छलका करता इससे
पल-पल पलकों का प्याला;
        आँखें आज बनी हैं साकी,
        गाल गुलाबी पी होते;
कहो न विरही मुझको, मैं हूँ
चलती-फिरती मधुशाला।

(From Madhushala by Dr. Harivansha Rai Bachchan)

(Translation postponed)


6 thoughts on “Just Like That

  1. Hi J,

    There was a time in my college days, when I used to recite Madhushala at several occasions. Used to be a daily drinker and a chain smoker. No it wasn’t like any broken heart or anything like that. Even when I used to like some songs which were too sentimental and used to write some good ones, there wasn’t any reason to do that. Actually the problem was not known.

    Just leaving this comment here as I came to remind of those days. Left drinking, smoking, and what not…
    And now when I hear people that I should try these things as well.. Dont know why again it reminds of Madhushala.. 🙂

    I was seventeen when I was a chain smoker and eighteenth year brought a lot of whisky to celebrate the emptiness.

    And now on this world’s literacy day while hosting a small party on my birthday, I came to remind and recite once again…

    The same Madhushala… 🙂

  2. Ae dost main khush rahoon kaise,
    ke gamjada rehne ki aadat si ho gayi hain.
    Jindagi basar hui kuchh is tarah,
    mujhe tanhaiyon ki chahat si ho gayi hain.

    Koi gila nahin tha kisi se mujhe,
    aur ab kisi se shikayat si ho gayi hain.
    kuchh aise sawaal poochhe kisi ne,
    meri khamoshi meri rahat si ho gayi hain.

    Haath mein liye jaam ye jindagi,
    kiski khwahish hoti hain?
    Apne liye to jindagi
    isi babat si ho gayi hain.

    ( An old one by V )

  3. Hi Jaya,

    I just thought to go back and find my previous comments..
    They are deleted?? or lost??
    Will retrieve from further comments?? That wasn’t expected ??

    🙂 🙂

  4. I posted it with the name stranger.. While stanger got printed here??
    Then I searched on stanger and found this.. It seems everything has a meaning..

    Possible meanings include a topographic name for someone who lived by a pole or stake (compare Stakes) or an occupational name for someone armed with one. Alternatively, it may be a nickname for someone who had ‘ridden the stang’, i.e. been carried on a pole through the streets as an object of derision, in punishment for some misdemeanor. However, this custom is of uncertain antiquity


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