A Pebble

I was in love with it the very first time I read this book. I do not know how to thank Priyanka, a friend from my lodge at Ranchi, for having gifted me a copy of this.

Bachchan had accepted the effect of “Rubaiyat-e-Umar Kahiyyam” on his poetic tendencies –

तुम्हारी मदिरा से अभिषिक्त
हुए थे जिस दिन मेरे प्राण
उसी दिन मेरे मुख की बात
हुई थी अंतरतम की तान

For this book he has said – “रात को मेरे तकिए के नीचे रहती, दिन को मेरी जेब में” and for me similar was the situation with his Madhushala.

What I like the best about this particular creation of him is that no matter what kind of a situation you are facing in life, you have something in Madhushala to identify with. At least I always found it to be so. Its simply wonderful… I am not sure if I really appreciated this aspect when I first read it. But then one can not do so, unless one has spent sometime of his/her life having different kinds of experiences, after having read it.

Those who have been following my blog since at least 4 months or so would see that I have often put some excerpt from Madhushala to express a particular mood. And I have turned back to the same book for many drastically different situations!

9 thoughts on “A Pebble

  1. And why do ‘you’ think your readers read your blog?

    (You did try to elicit their response to a question like this in some post if I remember right … but that was their point of view)

    Is it due to what you perceive as your creativity…?

  2. There are two kinds of writers-
    1) Those who write for themselves and
    2) Those who write for others.

    If one belongs to the first genre and still has readership, then it’s truly appreciable.
    But, if one belongs to the second, then one can never get rid of that helplessness and the creative faculty would be lost eventually because one starts thinking with other’s mindset.

    It’s just a generalized comment. Not aimed at anyone.

  3. Jaya: I myself felt bad for that comment. It was not intended to offend you. It’s sounding so rude. In fact, it was nothing more than a generalized comment. Moreover, I do not know what kind of helplessness you are being through. So, I can’t and I shouldn’t say anything regarding it. One can feel helpless due to many reasons. It may not necessarily be what I quoted. But, my comment was in no way related to *your* helplessness. May be, my comment was irrelevant to the post. This morning, i happened to discuss about ‘kinds of writers’ with my friend. And, I said that I belonged to the first genre, in defense to her complaint that my blog’s readership is low, which is very true. I always appreciated some of your poems that I liked the most. Reasons apart. You are indeed a good poet. And, bad phases are very common in everybody’s life. You just have to wait patiently for the good one’s to return.

    Ok now, let me say something in relevance to the post. I agree that even I felt helpless walking on the IIML roads. They were so utterly clean. I had to look for some untreated paths to walk on. May be, my helplessness was due to something else. Forget it. Anyway, I’m sorry if you have found my previous comment deviant.

  4. Arre Indu! I am sorry I should have replied to your comment earlier. But I was not around the whole day. What are you feeling so bad about? Yes, your mentioning helplessness was somewhat irrelevant to the post, but was certainly not offensive. Please do not feel bad about it.

    I said irrelevant because I was not talking of the helplessness as a writer, but as a person. And it was that helplessness that made me take that walk and look for the pebble. And anyway, its all right now 🙂

  5. Ayan: I am afraid I can not be honest in answering your question 🙂

    Anyway, for many people I really do not know the reason. That was precisely why I had asked that question, but did not get any suitable answers.

    And that ‘creative faculty’ should have been put under quotes. I will correct it 🙂

  6. Good to notice that you care for your readers! All the best for keeping this blog interesting.

    But, it is amazing to know that you do not think/believe that the answers (why people read blogs?) were suitable. Why sould one lie? And why do you think so?

  7. “Many aeons have come and gone; they are but moments in time – for there is essentially no difference between an epoch and a moment, both being measures of time”
    Lord Rama, Yoga Vasistha

    Got reminded of above by these Dr. Bachchan’s lines
    “kitnee aayee aur gayee pee…..”

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