If ever a post required a disclaimer, it is this one… Since the post comes solely from the provocation offered by Abhaya that I might find some supporters, if someone feels offended, or thinks I am being high-handed (in the virtual sense of the word), please direct your hate-mails/hate-comments to him – Thank you.

Being a blogger for over a year now, I have landed up on several blogs; and have been set wondering as to what kind of writing this easy-to-use technology is filling the public space of Internet with. Most of the writings I come across is sheer frivolousness and mediocre at best. But even the mediocrity is celebrated. Comments are often as frivolous in their praise and criticisms as are writings. And it has been after reading comments on several such blogs that I have decided to not take the positive comments on my blog too seriously (I am sorry for saying so – but it is a fact!). They hardly help me understand where I stand in this jungle!

And this is what has often made me wonder what makes people read blogs. But they do it anyway. On my part, it is so difficult to locate blogs worth reading that as a matter of principle I have confined my blog-roll to the people I know in real life, with the only exception of “Baghdad Burning” (and that for good reason!). Further how it makes the heroes and heroines out of the ordinary people!

What’s the harm one might ask. If people are ready to read, why not? If even ordinary people get an outlet for their feelings, why not? I do not know the answers to these. There might be no harm. But it is a celebration of mediocrity, which does not bode well according to me.

And this frivolousness in blogs, I believe, is the part of a general frivolous Internet culture. Most starking examples are the social networking sites. Hey, even I have some 15 fans in the world – why should I feel mediocre (I am not that active there either)? And if I had started becoming fans of others, the number was sure to boil up a lot more!!

The online relationships are another example of frivolousess. People play parts there – what feeling of proximity and closeness, what kind of bond and all with masked up faces!! Not with the real self of people, but with some absurd aspirational self. After all one can decide to appear what he/she wants people to see him/her as… Where would any of these stand when put to real life tests?

And what are you cribbing about Jaya? You are going to join the corporate world – ‘networking’ is the guru-mantra there and who can do without online networking these days? I have full respect for networking and I understand how important it is. But how frivolous that concept itself has been made. Look at the list of friends of people on Ryze. I wonder how they manage to keep track of them. I have received messages from the same person time and again, asking what was up in my life. Probably the person periodically posts messages to people on his friend’s list and he didn’t realize that it has been quite sometime since I told him what was up in my life…. He deosn’t even complain for non-response and faithfully keeps asking ‘what’s up?’

And then is this frivolousness of Internet culture itself not a part of larger culture that we are embracing? The best portrayal that comes to my mind is that shown in “Page 3” – feigning affection, friendship, bonds when there are none. Some experiences on Sonar Bangla are getting refreshed in my memory right now, but I will escape that…

I have already told you whom the hate-mails/hate-comments should be directed to…

Of course, this comes solely from my personal perspective, that too, at this point of time in life (tomorrow may be another day). People will have different perspectives and that is welcome, accpeted and respected.

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