U.P. tour cur short

I am back after spending two days at IITK. Was planning on almost a “U.P. tour by visiting a relative and a friend too, but that was cut-short. The friend’s place is not so close as she initially claimed and the complications of the journey did not leave me with much enthusiasm to take all the trouble for being there for one day. And my relatives are out of station. So, I am back but the two days at IITK have given me enough topic to write and/or blog on. It was quite a stimulating stay with several discussions which I would do better by listing here.

  • With two people from Meander Team on the situation of Gymkhana there
  • With Priya and Srivani on ‘how to lead a meaningful life’ and all (do not expect a profound conclusion here, but at least we thought!)
  • With Priya and TVP (Dr. T. V. Prabhakar) on digitization and expansion of library
  • With Dr. Sanghi on Gymkhana and the ever beloved topic ‘Dr. Dhandhe’.
  • With Dr. Rahul Varman on Education System particularly in the context of university system vs. specific institutes like IITs and IIMs.
  • With Dr. Rohit Varman on MBA education of India and abroad (particularly with reference to the focus on ‘job’) and also on MBA vs. Ph. D. in the arena of Management

So be there people. There is a lot coming up πŸ˜€

Sad part is that with the remaining batchmates graduating in May, this might be my last visit to IITK in short-term. Going there seems equivalent to going back to my roots. Somehow, I feel more like myself, so much at home – yes, just like it was earlier. And if two days can give so much of stimulation, can you imagine what I miss here ever day? (That might be a bit of exaggeration, but not too much really!)

And well, before I end this one, I just have to tell you this story. It is flattering. But I do not mind being flattered once in a while. And even though the modesty is crying its heart out at my decision to write it here, the incident itself made me laugh my heart out!

I was in Dr. Sanghi’s office, when the newly elected president of Students’ Gymkhana came in to meet him.

Dr. Sanghi (pointing towards me): Do you know her?
President (hesistatingly): No…
Dr. Sanghi: If you do not know her, you have no right to be the president here!


Poor guy – he did look perplexed. But was relaxed when he heard my name. He did know me by name, but not by face. Saved his presidency :p

Another exclamations from Dr. Sanghi, “You don’t have student’s senate there. Phir tumhara man kaise lagta hoga? What about newsgroups?”



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