The effect of time

From the earlier post you know whom the discussion about education system was with.

One of the interesting things that he said was how possibly the time at which an institute came up could be a factor in how they are run. That’s because the time affects the philosophy. One of the reasons why IITK philosophy is what it is because it came up late 50s and 60s. The post independence idealism, the love of freedom was still there. And it affected the philosophy. While say IIT Guwahati would be very different and it can not be like IITK. (No offenses meant please – both the places may have pluses and minuses!)

Of course, several other factors may and will come into play. But it looks like an attractive and pretty strong a factor to me.


4 thoughts on “The effect of time

  1. If only the original spirit could continue to grow… IMHO we saw a definitive decline in IITK’s spirit start 2 years before our batch and ending probably with our batch. Though from what I hear (and want to hear!), it seems that we’re finally seeing some kind of a renaissance (ok, I don’t care if I got the spelling wrong!!)

  2. I think even the older IIMs at A and C were set up around 1960, and B around 1970, so this theory doesn’t quite work.

  3. Well, I’m from IIT Guwahati. Definately, in terms of infrastructure IITG has a long way to go. But in terms of curriculam and system, i do not think that they are much different. Because, IITG’s system and curriculam are a joint effort of all other IITs. Some key people have been inducted from other IITs(Mostly IITK). So, although IITG came up in 1995, the system is not different. We do operate in almost same way.

    The only difference that possibly we had was inter-batch competition, whereas at other IITs it is inter-hostel. unfortunately, this year onwards, even our IITG will miss the zeal of inter-batch competition.

  4. I think that the nostalgia that Jaya is experiencing is justified. Even our batch was unhappy with the decision that inter-batch competition is no more. To put it bluntly, it was the most sought after event every year! we do crave for and cherish what we had.

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