8 thoughts on “80% Attendance

  1. And what about those quizzes where question papers and answer keys circulate in advance, how does one defy that:

    -turn a blind eye and happily do well
    -go and tell the prof and become an outcaste forever
    -submit blanks ans script (and see grades go down the drain)

    Or is there a better alternative which I can’t think of at present?

    Ignore if you think it’s not relevant to the orginal post.

  2. Now those who do not know the context may not appreciate the following; please ignore in that case!

    Ayan: I wish I knew the answer. I am taking the first route, but only the first part of it is one’s own hand really, especially given that it’s all ‘relative’.

    Why I have taken the first route till now is not because I think that is ‘the way’ to take. But because I do not know what is the way and this is safest in the sense that if you tomorrow decide to go some other way you can do so without feeling any scruples.

  3. And why would u want to defy this rule, why not just follow it. By ‘follow it ‘ i mean miss classes as and when necessary/one feels like only keeping in mind the 20 % leeway given. Is is just our attitude to defy all rules, or is it just this and similar rules ???

  4. Why does one defy a rule? Of course there could be several reasons including “for the heck of defying all the rules”, but that, I believe is not my reason. According to me the most genuine reason for defying a rule would be that you do not agree to it in principle or in practice. And I defy it since I do not agree to it in principle.

    It was more a rhetorical statement not intended to convey that I shall not miss classes even if it is necessary. ‘Don’t feel like doing so’? Well, is that a genuine reason? I would leave it to individual’s choice. I am no preacher for attending classes!

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