Back to Basics

This seems to be the new trend at IIML to combat copying of assignments. They ask us to submit hand-written assignments these days. Yes! They do it with the generation which has grown up with computers… 😦 Just finished one such assignment and God! What a pain it is.

Well, their concerns are valid. Copying and modifying is a bit too easy with soft-copy. And it is rampantly done. Further justification the other professor who used this trick gave, “Even if you copy, when you write it you understand something of it at least!” (Okay, that’s pretty much a defeatist attitude, but that’s what it has come to… Be it system’s fault, be is teacher’s fault, be it sudents’ – that’s not the matter of discussion here.)

But well, it’s a pain nevertheless 😦 And that’s what matters to me right now… No more of these please!


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