Role, not age!

There is a 6 months programme going on at IIML for Defense personnels, who are either retiring or have to leave the service for some other reason. The purpose is to help them relocate and prepare them for suitable jobs in corporate world (They are being charged heftily I think and part of it is borne by government through some fund meant for relocation of defense personnels.). Needless to mention some of them are quite elderly. We have been told that they are going to do in these six months what we do in six terms, in a concise form of course.

Few days back, during breakfast I was sitting on the same table which some of them had occupied. And hence was listening to their conversations. And it was kind of entertaining to hear them talking about courses and professors. It was not even a bit different from the way we students talk. All those reckless remarks on how incompetent the teacher is and all. (Many of their teachers would certainly be much younger to them!) Since they were talking of many of those professors even we have see in classes, I was convinced that there could be better way of describing them, that one would appreciate them better if one were to think little more maturely. And even if none of these is correct, at least the appreciation that things can’t be perfect could be expected from them. They have gone beyond the dreamy days of youth, right? One does not crib for everu little thing going wrong after a while.

But no, that does not seem to be the case. Probably roles sometimes matter more than age. A student has a birth-right to blame teachers for everything that is wrong. Let that fact me universally acknowledged. Amen 🙂

No, I am not complaining. I am only amused 🙂

One thought on “Role, not age!

  1. The last para reminds me of an instance when I was working with a Japanese Consultant. He told me that in Japan they do not entertain questions, and whatever they say is supposed to be right and subsequently followed. Obviously, I was not convinced with the fact that I would have no say in what I was supposed to do. But, he was adamand on his way of working. Thankfully, our SBU head was able to pursuade him to work the Indian way 🙂 (Talk French in France) Yes, we do question if required! However, I do not know whether Indian attitude is better or the Japanese. (well, the economic and industrial growth favors the Japanese)

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