Small Things

This is the third post in this series. The other two came earlier at different points of time in the life of this blog. You might want to have a look

Small Things – I
Small Things – II

This time I am going back to my School Days at Navodaya. Our librarian Mr. Rakesh K. Sinha has been a teacher whom any student would find it difficult to forget. It was sad that my interaction with him was limited to couple of years of my stay at Navodaya, since after that he was transferred. But there was one incident in that short period itself, which I never forget.

I was, generally, on his good books despite not being a topper or anything because of my participation in extra-curriculars and regular trips to library. It was after the results of final exams in some year. I had performed worse than half-yearly exam. My position in the class had slipped from 6th to 8th. I was kind of worried about how he would react to this. (I still marvel at the capacity of some of the teachers to be able to bestow individual attention on all the students!) When I went to the library that evening, he obviously asked about the result and my nervousness when I told him about it must have been obvious on my face. And I would never forget how he said that there was nothing to worry and made a statement that stays with me always, “किसी को धक्का देने के लिए दो क़दम पीछे हटना ही पड़ता है।” (To push someone, you compulsorily have to take two steps backwards.)

Now, I am not fond of dramatizing events, but after that my academic performance did improve. It did not get me to top in one shot and probably it wasn’t only because of this one statement. Several things changed. But it did give me a hope then. And more importantly a different way to look at life – To think of long term. I do not think he himself would remember that statemement. It seemed to have come spontaneously out of him. But it stays with me always. ‘Small Things’ indeed.

Thank you Sir for that!

9 thoughts on “Small Things

  1. Respected Sinha sir was one of the teachers of JNVP who helped to shape the personality of many of us. I am going to write on him in my Navodaya-series. Still today he is our(my) very good friend too. Recently I met him at Pitu’s marriage at Purnea, where we talked about JNVP alumni. You may contact him at JNVP Supaul phone. He will be happy to know about you.

  2. I am not sure, if I understand properly: “किसी को धक्का देने के लिए दो क़दम पीछे हटना ही पड़ता है।” (To push someone, you compulsorily have to take two steps backwards.), but I kinda can sense that it’s elegant and subtle. Any way, you could elaborate on this – your understanding of it, so to speak?

  3. This is what is the problem in the society. Society has alaways taught us to push someone. To fight. To replace someone. They never taught us to love. To accomodate. To rest in peace. Because, your teacher was taught that say. Your teacher’s teacher was taught that way. And so on…Everyone should not be qualified to teach. Especially sensitive subjests like History, Language, Art etc. In Bihar those who dont get work they become teacher. The most easiest thing is to become a teacher. I am not condemning him. They can teach science subject. Because science has no emotion. I find history as the most sensitive subject. If I push someone, then someone else can push me. This will spread hatred in the society. Isn’t it?

  4. This is too much. I strongly object to your insulting my teacher like this. He is one of the most able teachers I have seen in my life. Interpreting things totally out of context and then preaching non-sense is probably the easiest thing to do. Heights of absurdity!

  5. I wrote “I am not condemning him”. Perhaps you did not read that. Read slowly. He is not the problem. He cannot be the problem. Problem is in the society deeply rooted. So, far I have not met a single teacher even in iits who knows what’s happening around. I only see their ego of knowledge.

  6. The absurd way in which you have interpreted what he said and made it a “problem” is the insult Sir. Please spare the people I respect on this blog.

  7. Of course your blog is already spared…There is notihng interesting for me here. But this post was kind of interesting so I commented. Apologies expressed.

    I thinked more on this.

    A teacher who teaches “किसी को धक्का देने के लिए दो क़दम पीछे हटना ही पड़ता है।” is certainly not a good teacher. You can’t excel by pushing someone back. For that you just have to excel yourself and help others excelling as well. Whole humanity has to excel together.

    End from my side. Beacuse there is nothing left to talk on this stupidity.

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