Life could not have been better!

Ah! Finally – All the comment related glitches are done with. The blog presents the blogger comments the haloscan way now 😀

Yep, one click to view the comments (from the main page itself!) and another click after typing to post one!

Comments for January and February from haloscan have been imported too, so are those upto June last year. Rest I will take up one month a day, since I do not want to ban myself and everyone from IIML from commenting on my blog 🙂

Let me not be selfish and ungrateful by throwing away Haloscan without a word of well-deserved thanks. It provided a way out when blogger did not provide comment facility and a nice one. I decided to continue with it even after blogger gave commenting facility, because blogger’s was quite messy. Hundreds of click to be able to post a comment and add an extra one if you do not have a blogger account! However, now that they have improved, I could not longer overlook the deficiencies of Haloscan. Comment count goes haywire except for last 200 comments! Also, the administrator can not administer the comments beyond last few hundred. (Yep! Mine had crossed both the counts, thanks to the patient readers 🙂 ) Administering it was diffuclt too, since they did not show comments to the administrator post-wise. Further e-mailing comments was not a facility available to the free account holders. Post wise enabling or disabling of comments was also not allowed.

Anyway, bored you all enough, I guess. It was nice partnership Haloscan. Thanks for being there, when there was a need. (Ah! The senti stuff :p)

For those who feel lost, if you do not have a blogger account, you can just click on “Other” in “Choose an Identity” to post with some other name.

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