What the hell!!

These blogger guys are crazy, really crazy!!

Now, after they introduced pop-up window for comments, I decided to switch from haloscan for commenting. But thought it would do some good to keep the old comments. So, manually (arrgh… yes, took the pains to do it manually, since could not find a better way out!!) transferred quite a few comments to blogger. And after a while they have disabled the comments in my blog altogether…. :((

Idiots! And no! My setting does not say that comment should be disabled by default. Infact I manually checked the settings of couple of them. Its enabled.

Seems they have banned suspecting spam or something…. Darn! At least they should inform the blog administrator…. And that idiotic help page. Does not mention anything of this kind 😦

Really do not know how to take out the frustration!

Or is it that they have banned my particular ip. In that case somebody please post a test comment and confirm…


At the heights of God-Knows-What!!



2 thoughts on “What the hell!!

  1. some this sites do behave erratically…
    BTW got time to go thru some of your earlier posts.. and they were worth it…
    one more reason to be happy, if you r from Purnia, i have found one more fellow BIHARI blogger!!

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