More of ‘What the hell!!’

So, they have banned my IP!! Can’t describe what it feels like to be unable to post a comment in my own blog! :(( :(( :((

Now, somebody please suggest a solution too….


14 thoughts on “More of ‘What the hell!!’

  1. The current way of commenting gives more power to commentator to remove his/her own comment. Of course he/she should be a ‘Blogger’ citizen with a (cash-free)account. Democratic values, unlike Haloscan.
    Teer kaman mein wapas aa sakta hai agar yeh suvidha rahe tab !(Sandeep will be happy)

    Jo kaha sach ho gaya :-(. I have to remove my early comment. Because I put comment as my ‘Blogger display name’ and it pasted my face nearby the comment so now putting it again as ‘other’adding this paragraph.The Blogger guys/girls should give more facilities :-).

  2. Sandeep: You don’t have to use a blogger account. There are three options in “Choose an Identity”. Click on others and it will do the trick!

    Prem: The administrator will be able to see the comments even after the author has deleted them. Since it would already have been mailed to him/her. Not so democratic after all. 🙂

    Also now the comments can be made from the main page itself… Though I would have liked a better hack, where it is linked to say the text (8 comments) instead of being linked to “Post a Comment” as it is currently. But till I figure that out, it should do. Any help there is most welcome.

  3. Something like Nepal’s situation is in Blogger’s country. Want for democracy(commentators),Monarchy(administrator), and in between maoists(Anonymous):-).
    In last 48 hours many thing alongwith comments have changed. Welcome the changes :-).

  4. सुनिए क्रोपाटकिन – गोरकी!
    भारत में फैली है आज़ादी बड़े ज़ोर की।
    सुनता न कोई फ़रियाद है।
    देखिए जिसे ही, वही ज़ोर से आज़ाद है।


    राम जाने, भीतर क्या बल है!
    तब भी बख़ूबी यह देश रहा चब है।
    गण, जन, किसी का न तंत्र है।
    साफ़ बात यह है कि भारत स्बतंत्र है।

    (Dinkar in a poem called “anarchy” in “Parshuram Kee Prateeksha”)

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