ज़िन्दग़ी सवाल खड़े करती क्यों है?

ज़िन्दग़ी सवाल खड़े करती क्यों है?

सपने दिखाती है ये हज़ार
सभी मानों रहे हों पुकार।
पर अलग-अलग सपनों के बीच
दीवार खड़ी करती क्यों है?

ज़िन्दग़ी सवाल खड़े करती क्यों है?


One thought on “ज़िन्दग़ी सवाल खड़े करती क्यों है?

  1. Since I am removing the Haloscan Comments, I am copy-pasting the comments I got on this post here.

    Zindagai ke yeah sawaal,
    Mano hain ek lalkaar,
    Hamari Kshamtaon ko rahe pukaar,
    Sapne dekhna hai pragya ka adhikaar,
    Divaron se maan na lena haar,
    Aisa lagta hai ki kuchch aise hi jawabon ka hai in sawaloon ko darkaar.
    (i hope darkaar is the right usage , or it could have been subsituted by intezaar)
    Anita | Email | 02.17.05 – 7:39 am | #

    Thanks Anita, I would have liked the poem to end with something like what you have written. Actually I started writing it and then got distracted by something. So, only one stanza was written. But you did my job
    Jaya Jha | Homepage | 02.17.05 – 3:58 pm | #

    Gravatar Hi Jaya,
    Interesting! When I look at the world around myself, I feel every human being struggles against the life’s hurdles presented in one form or the other. Feels like certain feelings and emotions are omnipresent. I admire your quest for understanding life. That is why I love reading your poems.
    Moreover, sharing your job was fun! Reminds me of sharing jugalbandis with my friends during student life. Nice to meet you .
    Anita | Email | 02.18.05 – 6:56 am | #

    read http://www.paulgraham.com
    kernel-unstable | 02.18.05 – 1:21 pm | #

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