Did nobody say this earlier?

There can not be a greater punishment than being loved by those whom you do not love.
There can not be a greater bliss than being loved by those whom you do.


One thought on “Did nobody say this earlier?

  1. Since I am removing the Haloscan Comments, I am copy-pasting the comments I got on this post here.

    Its very profound even if nobody said it earlier. Its akin to the difference between “awareness” and “feeling”. One “remains” aware of the first situation while “wants” to feel the second.

    That aside, somebody indeed quoted the following (source unknown):

    1) One can’t work towards being worthy of love – Its a gift which cannot be earned, but can only be given (OR)
    2) You wouldn’t have time to love people, if you start judging them

    They have a go at both the sides of this love facade. It only gets trickier when you realise which side you represent.

    Chandra Sekhar | 02.17.05 – 7:39 am | #

    While I agree with the second statement, I don’t quite understand why being loved by someone you don’t love back is the greatest punishment?

    Love is a pure concept. We attach the notions of “give” and “take” to love simply because we are selfish — thats a flaw of humans, not of love.
    Diwaker | Homepage | 02.18.05 – 5:11 am | #

    You are right. The problem comes precisely because of the expectation of reciprocity. Since in most cases, one is unable to do away with this expectation, it becomes a punishment. You will say it is not love then, by definition. Possibly. Then whatever it is, it becomes a punishment.

    And it need not be an explicitly stated expectation. Even the expression of love (at least repeated or frequent) could be a problem for the other person, because it is very likely for that person to feel guilty if he/she can not reciprocate.
    Jaya Jha | Homepage | 02.18.05 – 2:23 pm | #

    I think it is a greater punishment to love someone who does not love you. In the case you put forth above, sure there is a lil bit of guilt on the part of the person who cannot reciprocate, but in the end he has the clear conscience of being honest and even move on and forget the whole thing. It is not his/her problem. The punishment is far greater to the one who does not recieve in return, they cannot help either their own feelings, or the other person’s. And it is not so easy for them to forget and move on. They are just … helpless.
    Kashmira | 02.19.05 – 5:17 am | #

    If the other person has an option of moving on without having to find the ‘helpless’ person in way or if the helpless person chooses to keep his/her feelings to himself/herself, sure life is different. Many a times neither is true…

    Of course, it seems one can go on debating depending on one’s own experiences and beliefs.

    On the lighter side, I think I have a complain against the literature/poetry. It has talked amply of the situation from the point of view of one-sided lover, but not from the point of view of the other person. Not at all fair
    Jaya Jha | Homepage | 02.19.05 – 9:02 am | #

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