Just Like That…

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एक दिन मैंने लिया था
काल से कुछ श्वास का ऋण,
आज भी उसको चुकाता
ले रहा वह क्रूर गिन-गिन,
ब्याज में मुझसे उगाहा
है हृदय का गान उसने,
किन्तु होने में उऋण अब
शेष केवल और दो दिन,
फिर पड़ूँगा तान चादर
सर्वथा निश्चिन्त होकर
भूलकर जग ने किया किस-
किस तरह अपमान मेरा ।

पूछता जग, है निराशा से
भरा क्यों गान मेरा ?

(Dr. Harivansha Rai Bachchan in the poem “Kavi Kee Nirasha”. Collection – Madhukalash)

Literal translation (to the extent I could do it):

Once upon a time I had taken the debt of few breaths from the time. I am still paying that back and the cruel time is taking it back after counting each and every one of them. As interest he has taken away the song of my heart. But now its a matter of few days when I shall be done with this debt. Then I will lie down, covering myself up, free of all worries. I shall also forget in what all ways has the world insulted me.


One thought on “Just Like That…

  1. Since I am removing the Haloscan Comments, I am copy-pasting the comments I got on this post here.

    Very nicely put by H.R.Bachan!
    Shreyas | Homepage | 02.14.05 – 12:40 am | #

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