Since the comments on the last post started discussion in an interesting direction, and that post itself was on a comparatively lighter issue, I am putting them in a separate post along with my comments. Let’s shift the discussion here.

sometimes, I wonder that how people live different lives with different people. well, in such a case, the conclusions drwan ought to vary.One can be studious among toppers, a party animal for party people, a writer to the readers, etc. However, What do one think about oneself?
Sandeep | 02.09.05 – 10:39 am | #

very valid question Sandeep but before asking this one needs to ask if there is a “one” apart from all these facets or a man is just the sum of all the parts?
abhaya | Homepage | 02.09.05 – 2:59 pm | #

Abhaya: are you referring to the mask people wear? In my opinion, a man is indeed sum of all the parts. But, I’m not clear about the masked facets of which possibly no one would know. Or for that matter other maskes people wear to deceive others, for good or bad.
Sandeep | 02.09.05 – 4:16 pm | #

It need not be just a mask. The two different “you” may both be equally genuine. A rebel in the outside world, and an obedient child to the parents – if I am playing two roles, must one or possibly both of them be a mask? It can be, but it need not be. And if it isn’t a mask, in that case what is “I”? Is the self really something independent of the context? Or is it just a sum of all that? If I complain “nobody understands me”, what is it that I am complaining about? Nobody knows all aspects of mine? Or is there something different from all these aspects which nobody knows? If there is something different, independent of context, where does it come out? When I am alone? What do I do when I am alone? Do my assignments, recall some of the incidents of the day, curse some people for their stupidities, think appreciatively of some others (i.e. give judgement on the rest of the world), have some self-pity that nobody understands me?

What is this self? Must one think something about oneself? Isn’t it enough to remain happy with whatever one is to different people or in different contexts? Must all these manifestations of self be reconciled?


One thought on “Self?

  1. Since I am removing the Haloscan Comments, I am copy-pasting the comments I got on this post here.

    There are masks. personally, I have very different faces in public and with friends. I am 2 different people and consciously so. I hate having people getting close. So, it is not as if I am genuinely 2 different personas. I am me……but I am what I choose to show in different places and situations.

    Most of us are like that, though to varying degrees. That is how a best friend becomes a reality. That is the person in the company of whom you are closest to being yourself.

    As for reconciling this, well, I am happy with the way things are. I THOUGHT of all this and CHOSE to be this way. I decided how best to project a public image to keep people at a distance and only let in those who really matter. Ultimately, each person decides this for him/herself and there is no right or wrong in this….
    Johnny Boy | Homepage | 02.09.05 – 8:04 pm | #

    I partly agree with johny boy. But this is what I feel:
    “Self is re-incarnation of truth”.
    I’m no preacher. But, as far as I know I’ll preach (now whatever that will mean to you).
    This is what I have learned all these years in my life. When you talk of being masked in front of others or when you have to live with them, the question here is really not of getting masked or something. But, it is much more concerned with the fact that you conceal your self or veil it when you start mingling with people, who, most of the times are quite different from you. And, you do this either to see yourself happy in their company or to see them happy in yours.
    Indu | 02.09.05 – 8:24 pm | #

    I said re-incarnation because every time you sit for yourself and start seeking answers for those questions for which answers can be sought not from anyone else but from ‘you’, you will face what is called ‘truth’- an eternal truth, an inevitable truth and an indefensible truth- of the purpose of your existence, of your belief in this purpose and in others who will make you realize this very purpose, of the realization of your capabilities and limitations as well, of every minute thing that can make you or break you.
    Indu | 02.09.05 – 8:25 pm | #

    …(contd) This truth is something which will come to you only when you start searching for it. So, every time you try to unveil this truth, you will in turn unveil your ‘self’. And, when you realize your ‘self’, you yourself realize the ‘truth’ which will lead you to that very purpose or many other purposes you define for yourself. All this will hold only when you are honest with yourself. But, if you defy your conscience, then it is something which nobody can help you at, not even ‘you’.
    Indu | 02.09.05 – 8:26 pm | #

    All I know is that the world does not accept you as long as you are an original and do not conform to it’s one of the accepted personality traits.
    The world will go after you will all that it can muster against you. This is the case for an originality. what Jaya is currently facing ( I am making an assumption) is which is the “real me”.. well all of what has happened to you… has happened to the “real you”… Just don’t let emotion and imagination take you away…. what say… DON’T SEARCH FOR IT….
    linux-kernel-unstable | 02.10.05 – 11:08 am | #

    Gravatar The different “you” are obviously genuine, but the basic reason is again the viewers’ familiarity with one’s unique characteristics and readiness to accept the ‘self’ of other. More the public/friends are familiar with other personality more the self gets dissolved. As a result so called unavoidable masks but actually not so, also disappears. For example when we start a train journey with unknowns, or sit in a new classroom, as the time passes we see that the ‘self’ seems disappearing to an extent.
    I will draw one fresh example from Johny’s comment here. Presuming he has written it from his inner self and now in reality he is not maintaining any mask in public place. He has revealed “himself” out of all masks. And we got familiarized with him better. But at the same time I appreciate his CHOSEN way is a safe mode of booting in this world of windows, when different people see you from different color glass panels of their windows.
    Prem Piyush | Email | Homepage | 02.10.05 – 11:42 am | #

    Gravatar …(contd.)
    More philosophical approach by Indu is practical. But the enough courage to delve into the ‘spiral self consciousness’ is a sure guide to become a monk or a real karmayogi. This self realization is very much important and to add one should be receptive to other million selves around him/her who altogether make him/her existence (self) meaningful.

    To me “Take the life easy” is the best way to deal with the ‘self’ although I know this is not an easy way to tread.

    Can someone tell me that isn’t the linux’s name is self sufficient to tell about all that ‘he/she’ wrote ?
    Prem Piyush | Email | Homepage | 02.10.05 – 11:43 am | #

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