Personal Cues??

I guess I had said it somewhere else too. I do not know how others view their blogs and what they want it to be, but my blog is *not* “all about me”. It is only a way to express my thoughts and ideas (in fact if I put it more crudely, a place where I can write and write). It becomes hilarious, sometimes ridiculous and at times disgusting, if people try to read too much into it and derive conclusions about personal life. If one can not control this urge to derive conclusions, its fine. But in that case one should at least try to keep those conclusions to oneself. True sometimes I talk of my experiences and in such cases the distinction between the person and ideas may be slightly blurred, but it still can not tell you much about me! Simple human judgment should be enough to decide where does the line lie.

There is no way I can prove all that with deductive logic, but I can give an example.

I have never been mistreated as a girl child. If anything, being the younger one I always got “that extra share” of pie. And further because my brother is so much elder to me (more than 8 years!), he was far too generous, even in childhood, than siblings usually are.

And if you start deriving conclusions about my childhood experiences from some of the poems I wrote then e.g. “Woh Ladki Banee Thee“, it would be nothing short of a disastrous conclusion!! (To be honest, some of my friends in Ranchi were under such an impression for quite long time until they became frank enough to ask me!)

So please be careful. (Some of you might find the post totally out of context – do not bother in that case!)

One thought on “Personal Cues??

  1. Since I am removing the Haloscan Comments, I am copy-pasting the comments I got on this post here.

    sometimes, I wonder that how people live different lives with different people. well, in such a case, the conclusions drwan ought to vary.One can be studious among toppers, a party animal for party people, a writer to the readers, etc. However, What do one think about oneself?
    Sandeep | 02.09.05 – 10:39 am | #

    very valid question Sandeep but before asking this one needs to ask if there is a “one” apart from all these facets or a man is just the sum of all the parts?
    abhaya | Homepage | 02.09.05 – 2:59 pm | #

    Abhaya: are you referring to the mask people wear? In my opinion, a man is indeed sum of all the parts. But, I’m not clear about the masked facets of which possibly no one would know. Or for that matter other maskes people wear to deceive others, for good or bad.
    Sandeep | 02.09.05 – 4:16 pm | #

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