That vs. This


“Jaya, is there something you are not involved in?”


“Jaya, you are never to be seen around except in classes!!”


“Ask Jaya – She reads all the mails on coming on all the lists all@iitk, students@iitk”


“Jaya, you didn’t sign the list put up on the mess notice-board for veg or non-veg – kabhie-kabhie ye mails bhee padh liya karo!”


“Jaya Jha and Acads – GRIN”


“So, topper…”


Election time – “Whom have you nominated Jaya?”


Election time – “Jaya, whom are you voting for?” (Me: “Umm… who all are standing?”)


“Jaya, can you tell me…” (Me – scolding the person: “Why do you not read notice-boards?”)


“Jaya you did not come to see your XYZ paper. They had put up the notice.” (Me: “When have I last seen the notice-board?”)


A Meeting – “Jaya! Let others speak”


Batch Meeting (or something like that) – Jaya Jha sleeping…

I can’t tell you what kind of an experience it is to have been on the both sides of the line. At one point of time in life you feel so much a part of the system, at the other point of time you are exactly the opposite. You are living like those whom you had never understood before. Yes, I had never understood how can people say no to an activity without even exploring the various aspects of it. Now, I am doing it myself. I did not regret that time. I do not regret this time either. (People who have seen me at IITK would have problems believing how I live here. Those who have seen me at IIML can never imagine how I lived at IITK! I wonder what those think who have seen me at both the places :D)

Why this change? I do think I have some explanations. But those might not be very objective at this point of time. In future, when I am in a position to look back and compare with less bias, I should be able to come up with some reasons. For now, all I can say is – it’s a good experience to have lived both kinds of lives myself.

2 thoughts on “That vs. This

  1. Since I am removing the Haloscan Comments, I am copy-pasting the comments I got on this post here.

    You think you have changed…
    Look at ME….
    I think I am invisible…. but then you are still at college and I am in the real world….
    I think you have a better case…
    eh topper??
    linux-kernel-2.6.5-7.109.12-vd | 02.09.05 – 1:50 pm | #

  2. “hain prashna bahut par uttar ek….
    koi samjha… koi hua bhramit…..
    is anuttarit prashna ka uttar ek sargarbhit….
    chalit chakra, atal, anant parivartan hai navjeevan…..”

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