Windows, poems etc.

My blog these days has become too poetic I am afraid… If there are any newcomers not interested in them, you may want to see some older posts from Selected Blog Entries.

Finally have been able to reinstall windows (2000) on my computer after quite a few months (yeah, I was solely on linux for quite sometime now 🙂 Thanks to Crossover Office.). The problem that I was facing happened to be that the partition I was trying to install it on was not a ‘primary partition’. After getting this done the only Display Option of 16 colours puzzled me for sometime, but that turned out to be good old driver problem. Actually the last time windows was installed on my computer was when it was bought (Touch wood – windows 2000 never crashed in more than three years and well, I never upgraded to XP!). Some friends did it for me then and I did not know many simple aspects of installation.

And almost for the first time I realized how poor you feel after freshly installing windows on your system. You can hardly move around unless you install hundreds of Software seprately…

Bah! All this cribbing and then why did you need to reinstall windows? Abundance of usage of various Software in this term 😦 And also the fact the whatever I do, Crossover Office is too slow on my poor 128 MB. Most of Software are actually excel add-ins; still the later factor means installing them itself would be a pain!!

May be someday, when a more compatible office-suite comes for Linux or when Crossover Office becomes little light-weight (too much to expect for the amount of work it does) or when I get a computer with better memory, I would not need windows. 🙂

For now, dual-boot is the only option. And I am unable to configure yudit to show me the Devnagri Fonts in windows while writing unicode text 😦 Any good (free) unicode editors for windows?


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