Ethics etc.

Someday, when I am out of a Business School – I will write more on it (since by then I expect to have a more complete picture before me). But the institutionalization of unethical practices in Indian Business Schools has apalled me. (Oh, the naive IITian – don’t you know the world outside is so much different?)

Well, first of all, there is no reason to believe that everything is very ethical about the way things are done in IITs, but it is the institutionalized aspects I am talking about. The latest one I have seen here – First year students being forced to sit in the PPTs meant for 2nd year students (else a fine of Rs. 250 per PPT). Of course the people from the company do not know about it (I hope! Or do they and we are all playing a real life drama feigning ignorance here?). Feeling apalled? You won’t once you are inside this system and hence you can imagine the kind corruption it can cause.

Am I concluding about Business Schools on the basis of a sample size of one? The details may differ, but 99% of things in Indian Business Schools seem to be in place because everyone else is doing it that way!! So, I believe I will be almost correct, even if not completely so…

I am no more surprised that Business Schools world over are criticized for killing creativity and out of box thinking (not matter what they claim). They produce clones and this claim is based on experiences beyond just the one mentioned here.

And next time do not wonder why corporate scandals take place…


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