The personal library

Finally its here… The list of books in my personal collection. Had been planning to electronize it for long – somehow got postponed again and again. 76 in Hindi and 49 in English. How is that? Only if I could start earning soon… 🙂

If you plan to borrow any (only if you are someone from IIML campus, of course 🙂 ), you might have to confirm with me whether or not I have got the book here. (It was kind of a pain to carry the whole trunk for a meager 20 months of stay.)

Disclaimer: Its not a recommendation list or anything. I believe that sometimes its better to use something before deciding that its bad 😀 But yes, for most part the list contains almost universally acclaimed acclaimed titles/authors!


One thought on “The personal library

  1. Since I am removing the Haloscan Comments, I am copy-pasting the comments I got on this post here.

    Before borrowing a book the ethical IIMLians should read the “विश्वास” poem too, posted here .
    Prem Piyush | Email | Homepage | 01.24.05 – 6:45 pm | #

    Gravatar Oh! this haloscan again worked weird.
    Really nice collection,I wonder when did you get time to read all this. Your writings shows the reflection.Wish you have a Big Library.
    Prem Piyush | Email | Homepage | 01.24.05 – 7:10 pm | #

    Now I am jealous !! I mean what could be better than having a Rahul S and Chatur Sen’s collection !! (of course reading them but that is another issue :D). I think I will have to go on a shopping spree again
    abhaya | 01.25.05 – 10:59 am | #

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