Just Like That

Your browser needs to be unicode enabled to be able to view the following text in Devnagri.

लिखी भाग्य में जितनी बस
उतनी ही पाऎगा हाला,
लिखा भाग्य में जैसा बस
वैसा ही पाऎगा प्याला,
        लाख पटक तू हाथ-पाँव, पर
        इससे कब कुछ हॊने का,
लिखी भाग्य में जॊ तेरे बस
वही मिलेगी मधुशाला ।

( Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Madhushala) (Complete Madhushala in Devnagri is available on my “Writings Page“. Check out the section “Hindi Poems by Others”)

Literal Translation (To the extent I could do it)

You will get only as much wine as is written in your fate. You will get the kind of wine-glass as is written in your fate. Not matter how much you strive, what is to come out of it. You will get the tavern that is written in your fate.


One thought on “Just Like That

  1. Since I am removing the Haloscan Comments, I am copy-pasting the comments I got on this post here.

    Hmmm…..I don’t think the literal translation really matters in this one. What actually is hidden from most, is the most beautiful part…..the underlying message cloaked in this metaphor…..tavern, wine, all metaphors….
    Johnny Boy | Homepage | 01.19.05 – 6:14 pm | #

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