Just Like That

Your browser needs to be unicode enabled to be able to view the following text in Devanagri.

जगती की शीतल हाला-सी,
पथिक, नहीं मेरी हाला,
जगती के ठंढे प्याले-सा,
पथिक, नहीं मेरा प्याला,
        ज्वाल-सुरा जलते प्याले में
        दग्ध हृदय की कविता है;
जलने से भयभीत न जॊ हॊ,
आऎ मेरी मधुशाला ।

( Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Madhushala) (Complete Madhushala in Devnagri is available on my “Writings Page“. Check out the section “Hindi Poems by Others”)

Literal Translation (To the extent I could do it) My wine is not like the cooling wine of the world, o traveller! My wine-glass is not cold like that of the world, o traveller. Fire like wine is there in the burning wine-glass. Those who do not fear getting burnt should come to my tavern.


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